Avondale Estates Coffee Scene

Sep 21, 2020

Once upon a time, coffee was characterized as “The Think Drink.” Fitting, then, that in a town of luxury homes named for Shakespeare’s hometown, there should be such good options for an exceptional cup of coffee. Who doesn’t relish that glow of inspiration that comes with a good cup of Joe?

Banjo Coffee is surely a local favorite, and it’s a place with a conscience – a place where you can feel good about becoming a patron. At Banjo, they use 100% organic, fair-trade beans, brewed with sustainable methods in small batches. The result is quality and unmistakable flavor. The atmosphere of their shop in Avondale Estates is unmistakable, too, crafted as carefully as their coffee.

Rising Son, on Avondale Road, tops a lot of lists for Southern breakfast classics. The menu changes with local sourcing of the fresh ingredients they use there. The biscuits alone, some say, are worth the visit, and the service is widely agreed to match those high marks. 

Something Tasty Alongside

At Good Karma Coffee House, people enjoy the excellent bakery products that tempt the coffee drinkers who frequent this close-by community resource with waffles, pancakes, omelets, and scrambles. At lunchtime, the sandwiches come on Good Karma’s own homemade bread. Baked from scratch, right on site, the delicious offerings are gluten-, shellfish-, and dairy-free. How’s that done? Good Karma uses coconut milk as its dairy-free alternative, Soy Free Earth Balance for butter, and canola for oil. To keep the sweetness natural and body-friendly, they use low-glycemic sweeteners such as honey, agave, and evaporated cane juice. So, Good Karma lives up to its name.

Southern Sweets Bakery is a go-to place for lunch, as well as coffee, bakery, and a hearty Southern Breakfast or a handy breakfast burrito. Fortunate Avondale residents savor every syrupy bite of the buttermilk flapjacks here at the start of a day, and at the finish, taking a bakery box back home has made many a hero out of folks just returning from work, when they arrive with a rustic cherry or apple pie, or a pecan tart from Southern Sweets. Southern Sweets prepares vegan and gluten-free desserts, too, so no one need be left out. Their cheese cakes are endorsed by long-time NYC residents who made their way home to Avondale Estates.

In nearby DeKalb, the Ebrik Coffee Room on College Avenue is named for the small, long-handled coffee pot used in Greece, Turkey, and throughout the Mediterranean. The name was chosen to reflect the comfort, the culture, and the sense of community people enjoy there. The atmosphere in the shop reflects that inspiration and dedication too.

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