Economic Development Atlanta Style

Sep 21, 2020

One thing that makes Atlanta so good at the business of being a city is the consistent ability to work ahead of the curve. By the time planners and architects arrive at a term to describe a new theory or paradigm or approach, Atlanta is often engaged in it already. The unique relationship of city to suburb here is a powerful example.

It’s no secret that the whole world is going urban. Sociologists and demographers agree that the trend is away from the country and toward the city. Yet statistics show the desire for single-family homes remains as strong as ever. 

We think the reason for this is that the distinctions between city and suburbs are growing less dramatic. The term “urban suburbs” is gaining currency, and communities that connect directly to urban advantages – economic, artistic, social, educational – yet still retain their own history and heritage, are becoming prevalent in the world’s great cities. Atlanta offers several leading examples of this and Avondale Estates is clearly one of them.

Quality of Life Without Compromise

Today’s knowledge-based workforce cuts fewer corners on their quality of life as they pursue their careers. Atlanta has provided well for the lifestyles that this people-based economy demand. Art, nature, exercise, and education are among the requirements for fostering growth in the new economy. The factors that compose this quality of life are here in abundance, thanks to the foresight, persistence and cooperation of the business and public leaders of Atlanta. 

The pleasures offered when luxury homes are adroitly situated near a major city are many. Some call it the best of both worlds. The key to distinguishing a major opportunity – something significantly more than “suburban living,” is to discover those nearby communities what bring their own history, heritage, and value, along with their nearness and access to city life. Avondale Estates is just such a community.

It Matters What City You Are Near

The other leg of what makes these advantageous communities uniquely valuable is whether the city they are near is essential to the economy of today and tomorrow.

The capacity to generate intellectual property and knowledge-based resources are inherently adaptable. In fact, they are based fundamentally on change and evolution. As a result, this particular cornerstone of the Atlanta economy may prove to be the best indicator of all that our own style of economic development will continue to prevail.

The resilience that arises from this are why luxury homes such as those of Avondale East flourish. Discovering the opportunities this presents to you, whether for living or investing, is our chosen field. Just call us at 404-961-7111 or find out more at