Influential Artform – Atlanta’s Architecture

Mar 23, 2020

The “urban suburb” is a term that’s gained a degree of currency in Atlanta. Contradictory as it may seem, it is an attempt to encapsulate a trend in value that forms an important principle for those who consider luxury homes here. The single-family homes of Avondale Estates are among the prime examples where this value is seen.

The idea is that towns that have their own history and heritage, yet are within easy connection to the economic, commercial, employment, and artistic advantages of a major city have a unique value. This value is seen particularly by the people who are most involved in the growth of today’s knowledge-based economy.

As such, these fortunate communities enjoy both the local flavor and the cosmopolitan influence that they share, in measures that are as characteristic as the people who live there.

Harmonious Contrast

As a result, the luxury homes of Avondale Estates offer not only the heritage of a town that became a nearby getaway for the people who drove Atlanta’s growth, but also the pride and power of that vital, vibrant heart of the city itself. Atlanta’s architecture is one example of this balance, this exchange, that both symbolizes and generates the feeling of having the best of both worlds.

They say that architecture is, for many, the most underrated artform. It is around us constantly, influencing where we look, where we go, and how we feel while we are doing it. Yet, architecture passes unnoticed most of the time, especially when it is doing its job well. Atlanta’s architecture includes iconic examples and dynamic influences that illustrate what art brings to life – and why we should care. And our “urban suburbs,” such as Avondale Estates, enjoy both the legacy and the dynamism that come from an environment that has been called “the corner of art and commerce.”

Atlanta Icons

From Atlanta’s storied past, classical references come to mind first, such as the Swan House at the Atlanta History Center. Although built in the Gatsby era (1928), it is so faithful to classical principals that it is often taken for a much older structure, even by the thousands who tour it each year. Villa Juanita, another treasure, looks transplanted from the Beverly Hills of the golden age of Hollywood, with its tile roof and Spanish-colonial detail. But looking behind is only preparation in Atlanta.

The simplicity and optimism of mid-century-modern design did not escape Atlanta’s grasp. In fact, today the mixed-use, live-learn-work-play neighborhoods that form the future for much of Atlanta owe their underlying concepts often to modern influences, even when the execution calls for reclaiming and repurposing the sturdy structures of our industrious past.

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