Meet the Neighbors – Businesses in Avondale Estates

May 28, 2020

It’s not just the home, it’s the neighbors, that paint the picture of the lifestyle people seek in single-family homes. And that includes the neighboring attractions, activities, and indulgences, as well as the resources. The folks fortunate to live in the luxury homes of Avondale Estates chose well when they considered the “neighbors” factor. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons the residents of Avondale East talk about the freedom that convenience brings, the independence that comes from spaciousness, and the satisfaction of experiencing the life they’ve aimed for, the life they love, thanks not only to their home, but also to their access and surroundings.

Nourishing Body and Soul

The nearby assets we are likely to depend upon most often include where we get our groceries, and where we enjoy meals and snacks and occasions with friends and family. Just a couple of miles away is Whole Foods 365, on Church Street, where people say they go at first to shop for special things and end up depending on Whole Foods for even the staples of life. The extra effort of the Whole Foods team is legendary.

Our favorite locally owned resource for food is Kelly’s Market in Decatur’s treasured Old Depot District, a neighboring place to watch for events and to visit, just eight minutes away, for the range and variety of its 80 dining spots, pubs and cafes. Kelly’s migrated to Atlanta years ago, having started out in Culver City, California, as a corner store and deli near Desilu studios. In Atlanta, nearly everybody has an interesting back-story.

The Old Depot District itself has a back-story dating to the 1891 railroad station there, from which it gets its name. The current 1908 building was the beneficiary of a $2.5 million renovation, encouraging even more lively development in the District. Affectionately nicknamed the ODD, the Old Depot District is for many one of the places they enjoy most about living here. Beyond the pubs and the dining people discover there, and the authentic Dairy Queen dipped cones that families enjoy, there is art and history to tweak the interest and keep our curiosity alive and informed.

Offering Art and History

The Different Trains Gallery, headquartered at ODD, sells original art by both local and internationally famous artists. Openings, and events and even pop-up art exhibits are social as well as artistic successes we’ve come to depend on from the Different Trains. For the past several weeks, understandably, the Different Trains has presented the work of its artists in a “virtual gallery” online, arranging private, in-person viewings by appointment. We look forward to the day when we can just stroll in and see for ourselves again.

Named for an historic hotel nearby, the Kimball House ranks as one of Atlanta’s finest restaurants, rated highly for service and cocktails as well as its seasonally changing cuisine. The surroundings are appointed with all the flair of the Gilded Age that inspired the spirit of the restaurant itself.

For this blend of practical resources and know-how with the value of a story you can become a part of, we can be your guide in Avondale East and elsewhere. For more information on how to own at Avondale East, visit or contact us at 770.502.6230.