Optimizing Your Outdoor Living Space

Feb 24, 2021

The single family homes of Avondale East offer the most thoughtfully designed outdoor living spaces to give your residence the most perfect finishing touch. Avondale East is the place to live your now and craft your forever, and that starts outside where you are welcomed home. To ensure that you are optimizing the functionality and aesthetic of your front porch, or back covered patio, here is a checklist to reference.  

Five Ways to Optimize

Your outdoor living space is unfinished unless completely usable. When beginning to design, the first thing you need to consider is your walkways. Start to plan out the ways in which you and guests will need to walk by, and how to make you space easily navigated and uncrowded. When retreating to your outdoor sanctuary, your journey should be both harmonious and effortless. 

To add charming character and delightful scents to your open-air oasis, potted plants or herbs can be both nice to look at and tasty add-ons in your kitchen. With the intentional cultivation of a mini porch-garden, you will have seamlessly created a balance between indoor, outdoor living. 

To make your space fit for use, no matter the weather, outdoor heaters and mood lighting will make your outdoor living space all-season. These two components bring the comfort of your climate-controlled living room, outside onto the porch, thus tripling your favorite “rooms” to unwind. 

Avondale East has created meaningful, outdoor moments with front porch sits or back porch nights by the fire. For more information about living in Avondale Estates, visit avondaleeast.com.