School Spotlight – Avondale Estates

Jul 20, 2020

When people choose the life of single-family homes, such as those of Avondale Estates, then frequently they find that the benefits of luxury homes include access to exceptional schools and an unusually good variety from which to choose. It is seen as one of the real payoffs for career achievement and success.

There’s a proverb that goes something like this: “Grandad was a soldier so that Dad could be a farmer, so that I could be a merchant, so that my son can be an artist.” The idea that art is the destination, the sign that progress has been made, that goals have been achieved, is apparently deep within our culture.

For reasons such as this, perhaps, many of the finest educational opportunities near Avondale Estates have to do with the arts.

The Art of Education

The DeKalb School of the Arts is far from just a hopeful venture. The proven success of the DeKalb Center for Performing Arts, a magnet program of the Avondale High School, prompted its expansion into a stand-alone high school in 1999. The base of its mission was broadened to include a compressive program of academics and, today, the DeKalb School of the Arts appears among the best U.S. high schools in the US News rankings, first among high schools in DeKalb County and the fourth best in all of Georgia.

The advance-placement rate of students at DeKalb School of the Arts is 89%, and the school saw recent graduates head to NYU, Stanford, and Duke, among other sought-after universities.

Elementary students, too, can choose an arts-guided education at the DeKalb Elementary School of the Arts. This became the first elementary arts magnet school in metro Atlanta in 2002, when Hooper Alexander Elementary School accepted the proposal to combine here the magnet programs of Hooper, Atherton, and Avondale elementary schools.

The Museum Model

The Museum School of Avondale Estates builds its curriculum on what they call “the museum model,” which favors motivation for personal exploration as a trait that can last a lifetime and enrich a lifetime, too. Real-life experiences immerse students in their lesson themes, enabling the students themselves to examine a theme from all angles. As an aiming point, creating their own museum-style exhibits gives focus and direction to their study.

Four times a year they share their projects with parents and the community on Exhibit Night, where you might find sundials, a student garden, a rain forest model, or a short play depicting a turning point in the human story.

Superb elementary and high school opportunities are among the reasons for the value found in Avondale East. For more information on how to own at Avondale Estates, visit or contact us at 770.502.6230.