The Best of Avondale Estates

Sep 22, 2020

The whole idea of luxury homes is transformed in Avondale Estates, because here the home itself is only the beginning of the luxury. Surrounded by beauty, convenience, and considerate planning, a whole additional dimension infuses the Avondale lifestyle with luxury. When a couple, a family, or a discerning individual begins to chart the future with single-family homes in mind, then Avondale Estates becomes a particularly wise setting to consider. 

Less than 10 minutes from Decatur, recently rated at the very top of Georgia’s best places to live in a rigorous analysis by and nearer than a half hour to the excitement, cultural, and business advantages of Midtown Atlanta, Avondale Estates begins its own version of luxury with the finest location and access. To this prime position, the best of Avondale Estates adds a host of interests, conveniences, and preferences that neither city nor suburb alone can match.

What Makes the Outdoors Great

Adventurous friends made a custom of completing their rough-and-ready expeditions – whether through mountains, dessert, or ocean – with a civilized martini in a cultured setting. The contrast, they said, was something more to relish, a conclusion that made the extremes all the more enjoyable. In this spirit, then, imagine locating your own luxury home just 15 minutes from walking, jogging, or biking among the eight trails of Stone Mountain.

Perhaps the only thing better for enjoying the outdoors would be to have even more options, and for that, Avondale Estates is well provided indeed. Avondale Park itself is situated next door to a tennis club. Lullwater Park adds the interest of stone ruins and the sense-calming music of a waterfall to the outdoor experience. The Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve is 10 minutes away and well provided with the changes of scene that only the outdoors can offer. The outdoor options go on and on.

Getting Out Amongst Them

The pleasure of perusing, the beauty of browsing, and the convenience of shopping in a walking neighborhood become part of what people know as luxury, when they live in Avondale Estates. Award-winning shops and restaurants, furnishings and fashions, fresh-baked treats, artisan-cured meats, and carefully curated wines are nearly at your doorstep. The luxury of living here, surely counts this as one of the key assets. The atmosphere of a small town and the intelligence that comes from one of the world’s great crossroads nearby blend here in a sensibility that has proven to attract people who could live anywhere.

The people themselves are certainly part of the luxury of living here, too. Good company is, for most folks, an essential part of a good life, and here they find others whose tastes and interests partly match and partly add to their own.

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