The Best of Summer in Avondale Estates

Jul 21, 2020

A lifestyle that builds-in the best of both worlds, city and suburb, is growing in availability just in time for a generation that places quality of life even higher than any that came before it. The people making the economy and its opportunities grow in the Atlanta region today are far less likely to compromise when it comes to their personal versions of quality of life. Those values include what might be called the simple pleasures – a walk with the dog after work, a place where neighbors encounter each other without planning it, a place where their children can play the way they once did, and flourish in a neighborhood of single-family homes.

In Avondale Estates, we find folks are able to enjoy luxury homes and still surround themselves in the riches of culture and commerce found in one of the world’s great cities. “So near and yet so far” is a feeling many describe when they say why they chose to live in Avondale. Perhaps there’s no better time to explore this experience than summertime.

How Summer Becomes Superb

Getting outdoors is always a possibility around here, but somehow the options seems even more opportune in the summertime. For this, in additions to one’s own home grounds, there is an abundance of parks nearby for the residents here, beginning perhaps with the quiet contemplation afforded by Avondale Estates Memorial Park. Even bigger possibilities await close at hand. Lanier Gardens is minutes away, just one of the offerings made possible by the DeKalb County Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Affairs department. Seeing their role as that of creating and connecting communities, to enhance the value and desirability of living here, the department organizes programs and maintains facilities that promote healthy and active lifestyles.

Just minutes away is Midway Park, a whole 22 acres of enjoyment that features a swimming pool, a recreation center, sports fields, and trails. After a day of family adventures there, people often cool the kids off in the car, on the way to Brewster’s Ice Cream or Fellini’s Pizza, where there’s plenty of outdoor seating and they’re open til 9 p.m., just minutes away in Decatur.

For many, the granddaddy of them all is Georgia’s famous Stone Mountain Park, very accessible with two different optional routes from Avondale Estates. In addition to commemorative works of art and spectacular programming, Stone Mountain offers 3200 family-friendly acres of outdoor recreation. Fifteen miles of hiking and walking trails for every ambition and ability here include a five-mile circuit around the base of Stone Mountain, and a one-mile trip to the top. Special seasonal and holiday events make Stone Mountain one of Atlanta’s most popular family recreation choices.

Memories Made Here

The lifestyle of single-family homes, within reach of a great city, includes commonplace moments that add up to lifetime memories. Who can forget waking up willingly, even earlier than in the school year, just to get outside and start playing? Or later asking Mom to turn on the yard sprinkler so you and your friends could run through? Or seeing who could hold their handstand longest? Or stretching the after-supper game of red-light/green-light, until fireflies told you it was time to go inside?

And these moments are not just for kids. In fact, they are not just memories.

Every day this summer, residents of the luxury homes of Avondale are experiencing the grown-up versions of moments like these again, fresh as ever.

The quality of life that people find in Avondale East is just one source of the value there. The luxury homes themselves add to it and harmonize with it. For more information on how to own at Avondale East, visit or contact us at 770.502.6230.