The Ultimate Value of Time Well Spent

Apr 14, 2020

“The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.” So the song goes. We’re all getting a refresher course in how simple – yet how elusive – that enjoyment can be. So many who live in the luxury homes of Atlanta and its environs arrived here on the winds of a fast-paced career. Some, even when retired comfortably, have kept up that pace with charitable, community, or church interests, or by venturing deeper into personal avocations that had taken a backseat during the course of their careers – hobbies, sports, outdoor pursuits. The result is that today’s imposed stay-at-home time has a flavor that’s unfamiliar. For many, this much time at home takes some getting used to.

Among the things that will stay with us, that will remain a part of how we approach our lives after this global health concern and its local and personal impact are far behind us, we hope the enjoyment of time at home becomes one of those “keepers.”

Situated with Advantages

The fortunate residents of the single-family homes of Avondale East are, perhaps, better situated to enjoy this time than many of their friends elsewhere. The most immediate, everyday experience contributing to this pleasurable experience arises from the way the generous spaces within the home are arranged. Three-, four-, and even five-bedroom floorplans give practically every family an opportunity to suit themselves very well indeed.

The five-bedroom Ashton, for example includes a handy and flexible loft upstairs, in addition to the third, fourth, and fifth bedrooms there. Some floorplans, such as the Elderberry, can be drawn to include three, four, or five bedrooms – giving Avondale East owners the opportunity to suit their selected style to the capacity that fits them best. Although there are fully 20 floorplans from which you can choose, the options expand those possibilities to a great many more. And each one includes something special enough to be a bit unexpected. A covered porch presents the initial welcome to the three-bedroom Briarwood, for example.

Surrounded with Possibilities

The walkable scale of an English village, the peace of parks and gardens and yards, this atmosphere awaits just outside the luxury homes of Avondale East. Here, we are committed absolutely to the safety and health of our clients, employees, and guests – and of everyone who inquires now into these possibilities for time well spent in these single-family homes. This way of life has never more valuable than today, when we are rediscovering life at home.

We have implemented safety measures that thoroughly follow guidelines set by the CDC and reputable health authorities. Virtual tours and walk-throughs can be arranged, to view these homes from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. We will continue to adapt and observe the most secure, professional process for looking into the possibilities they might present to you.

For more information on how to own at Avondale East, visit or contact us at 770.502.6230.