USA Today’s Best Small Town Beer Scene

Apr 12, 2021

The adored town of Avondale Estates is cherished for a multitude of reasons and, according to USA Today, one of the biggest is the beer scene. After a close inspection from the experts, Avondale Estates was declared the number one small town beer scene in America. 

Judged closely by the most knowledgeable in the world of beer, Dr. Mike Arra, Chief Beer Officer and logistics guru of Bon Beer Voyage, Dr. Ruth Berman, CEO and BBB (Brains Beyond the Beer) of Bon Beer Voyage, Latiesha Cook, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Beer Kulture, a St. Petersburg, Florida based nonprofit focused on increasing diversity and inclusion in the craft beer industry, Gary Monterosso, award-winning critic, and Dennis Malcolm Byron, world-renowned beer authority, award-winning journalist, and blogger. 

“The charming town of Avondale Estates, just east of Decatur, has a small downtown area packed with unique food and beverage offerings. For beer lovers, there’s Wild Heaven Beer, The Lost Druid Brewery, The Beer Growler & Pint Haus and (soon) Little Cottage Brewery.”

The residents of Avondale East relish in the joy of being part of a community that is known across the country for their taste in beer and the undeniable selection of unique eateries and breweries. For more information about becoming part of this culturally distinctive community, visit