What is Urban: The Blurred Line Between City and Suburb

Feb 23, 2020

Today’s Blurred Line Between City and Suburb

People who live in the world’s great cities eventually discover that the choice between urban dynamism and the refuge of nature does not have to be absolute or abrupt. Having the best of both worlds is not only possible, but perfectly achievable, if you know how and where to look. Single-family homes are increasingly found within the domain of cultural, economic, educational, artistic, and entertainment advantages of city living. Some say the best blend is found when a big city radiates to the doorstep of a small community that enjoys its own sense of history and heritage. Identity and access combine then to bring a style of living that people are looking for from luxury homes.

Avondale East is a prime example. All three major driving routes to Atlanta take less than a half hour. And yet, within those 22 minutes behind the wheel, the people fortunate to enjoy the single-family homes available here discover a community that was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986, due mainly to its obvious charm. They call this “luxurious convenience,” and no wonder. Avondale East is only five minutes from downtown Decatur, and so heading to Atlanta is mostly a “want to,” rather than a “need to.”

Learned from Experience

The historic migration to suburban living that began more than a half-century ago turned back, for a time, among many people, as Millennials recognized the richness of counting big-city opportunities among one’s weekly agenda items. And long before we became aware of the impact of commuting on the environment, its effects on the energy available for our own lives was already all too obvious. Thus, urban live-work-play neighborhoods thrive.

Yet, look again. The Census Bureau reported in 2018 that as new generations get older, marry, bear children, and earn higher salaries, Millennials, too, head out to the suburbs. These reported figures were the fourth year in a row that this trend was observed. And Gen Y is apparently close on their heels. The Wall Street Journal reports urban growth cooling among adults aged 25 to 39.

This, then, forms the background for a fresh approach to single-family homes, like the ones offered today at Avondale East. Green spaces, pocket parks, ponds, and outdoor amenities offer plenty of what people are looking for when they leave the pavement behind. Still, the luxuries of modern living are built into each and every thoughtfully appointed room.

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