What We Learned from Shakespeare

Apr 21, 2020

Because Avondale Estates took its name from Shakespeare’s birthplace, sooner or later, we suppose we’ll have to address what that has to do with us. The luxury homes people find here and, in fact, the whole decision to choose single-family homes as the field to explore, might at some level owe a bit of their inspiration to the writer so widely recognized as the greatest ever to raise a pen and write in English.

The Power of Understanding

Shakespeare’s understanding, his uncanny way of knowing what makes people tick, is one connection we might propose. People recognize themselves in Shakespeare’s characters, their grace or their mistakes, their valor or their reluctance, their shrewdness or foolishness, their certainty or confusion or indecision. At our best, and at other times, too, the adventures of Shakespeare’s characters can inspire us, or instruct us, or even chide us a little for our lapses.

Understanding is key to the siting and design of the luxury homes people find at Avondale East. From the way the single-family homes look across the yard to the way they feel inside, we clearly sense that someone anticipated what we would want, what we would do, how we would use this space, and how best to enjoy it.

The Advantage of Perspective

From the course of Shakespeare’s career, too, and not just from the output of it, we can see a lesson taken to heart in Avondale Estates. The village of Stratford, on the river Avon, was hardly cosmopolitan when Shakespeare grew up there. Where would he have found the panoply of personalities that would later populate his plays? The Avon itself was, in those days, not an answer, not a conduit of commerce or communication. Though its origins are near Coventry, and it connects to the Severn, the meandering river itself was only rendered navigable about a half century after Shakespeare’s death.

No, it wasn’t from his immediate, boyhood surroundings that Shakespeare drew his orbit of humanity. Rather, the rude, bustling city of London added this medley of ingredients when he arrived as a young man. What Shakespeare had, as a result of the quiet contrast of his upbringing, was the ability to see that phenomenal panorama of humanity – as only an outsider could see it.

So, too, the advantages of one of the world’s great cities lie at the doorstep of Avondale Estates, and yet here we have the advantage of perspective, of embracing it without being immersed in it.

The Allure of Home

Shakespeare was said by contemporaries to return to Stratford-upon-Avon toward the end of his life. The fascination he found in his work and career in London seems to have left some corner of his heart still hearing the call of home.

If so, this too is something we can claim in common. For the fortunate residents among the luxury homes of Avondale Estates, the balance of life in a town with the influence of a city is the perfect recipe for a life well lived.

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